The implantation of productive or logistical processes requires agilidad and accuracy in it takes of decisions inand l constructive and back design execution, to attain the aims wished. Specialisedos in work and architecture industrialands CENPAS can acometer proryectos of diverse sizes adapting to the requests in the terms and qualities that the Client mark.

CORPORATE IMAGE / inner Design. EntornOrs of work that reflect the corporate identity added to the confort, to the saving and the energetic  efficiency.

Bioclimatic architecture. The application of bioclimatic  passive systems of catchment, storage and transfer of energy to the buildings is the challenge that CENPAS proposes ptor to the new projects. Taking advantage of the available and characteristic resources of each emplazamiento to diminish the environmental impact and reduce the consumption of energy.

CENPAS Collaborate usually with Ingetecnia, skilleds in bioclimatic Architecture and that has of the certification DGNB (Green Building Certification).

A key point in all Proyector constructive is the calculation of structures. In CENPAS  has  of specialists in this field ptor to tocommit projects of any magnitude oriented to the state of the art of the market.