The geopolitical situation and the unavoidable agotamiento of resources fossils do unavoidable a change of paradigm in the model of current energetic consumption inand l morndo and the costs associated to each resource. Motivateor by this change of stage from the European union already has n posed planands of reduction of consumption and increase of implantation of the renewable energies like the Pla 20-20-20, that forces in the countries to reduce  a 20% the consumption of primary energy by means of the energetic efficiency and attain a 20% of renewable electrical generation by 2020.

The progressive adaptation of these criteria to the national rule goes opening doors to the consumers to facilitate the implantation of systems of energetic efficiency and renewable energies. Jointly with the client Cenpas can lead the process to find the existent alternatives in the current market and the solution that more can offer to the needs of each client.