Facing a changing scenery with a great number of mandatory regulations to start up an activity, CENPAS provides all its knowledge and experience for an effective proceeding management to get the required paperwork. Cenpas’ staff has a wide experience in the dialogue with different administrations and entities (city councils, fire brigades, environment department, Industry department) to optimize the processes and shorten to the maximum the period of time before starting the activities.

The wide experience of Cenpas’ professionals after 10 years processing projects with direct interactions with different town councils and regions, especially in Barcelona’s metropolitan area and the Region of Madrid, allows us offering a global vision of the scenery.

CENPAS provides all his clients with the satisfactory experience in the drawing up of the Self-Protection Plans according to the Basic Regulations of Self-Protection approved by the Real Decree 393/2007 and the Catalan Decree 82/2010. We always offer the coordination in the Self-Protection Plan implementation and its updating and annual revision, as the regulations require.